Tuesday, October 12, 2010

UCI cyclecross

I haven't written in a while but its been a busy year. My mountain bike season as a first year expert rider wasn't the best. Big difference trying to race woman that are all fit and know how to handle their bikes. Summer is kind of an off season for me because of family obligations. I raced when I could and just lived with the results. Now that my daughter is back in school I can train and start the cyclecross season also as a first year cat 3 racer. The season started out in Alabama, I knew that 15 more minutes of racing would be so painful. I lined up with women that looked really fast. One of them I knew was super fast and that was Kym , my teammate. She would probably lap me but that would be ok. After the first lap I found myself in second place, but a friend that rode up with us was breathing down my neck. Dang, I was frothing at the mouth trying to escape her. Finally, she was gone and there was two laps to go. I kept my second place and was hooked again for the season. By the way Kristy , if you are reading this ,you are strong and will have an incredible season.

The following weekend brought the big UCI cross race in Ohio. Not just one race but three. How in the world do you race three days in a row? Well , its hard, and painful. Everyday was a different course which brought all kinds of new little painful challenges. Day one was my best, it would of been fun on a mountain bike. The course was up or down and way off camber with a lot of holes everywhere. There were so many women at the start line. I was called up in the last row. How in the world do you pass any of these people. Somehow I found ways around corners and came in 5th. I was really happy , but didn't know how I would race for two more days. Saturdays course was more flat with tight , twisty corners around trees. Could not find a way to pass many girls and ended up 9th. The last day was the hardest. I had an incredible start, aggresive , and found myself passing women but boy was I redlined. The last lap I ended up on the ground while trying to pedal on a off camber downhill. When I got up my bike was on the wrong side of my body. I was so flustered that I fumbled and it took me forever to get back on. The sand pits sucked any energy that was left and I probably looked like a fool trying to run them. I don't know why they had to put those right in front of the anouncer. I ended in 8th place which was a bummer but thats cross.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Copper Mountain

This year my daughters spring break was early and I missed the team camp at Pisgah. We went to Copper Mountain Colorado snow skiing. This was one of my favorite vacations with family and friends. The weather was perfect and I got addicted to skiing this time. My 65 year old Dad and I would close the slopes down most every day. My form may not be the best but I love the hard stuff. I think our Winter camp should be biking and skiing next year. Sound fun guys?

Monday, February 15, 2010

Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Race

I did Leadville 2 years ago with my teammate Lisa Thompson. Leadville is a race which entry takes place by lottery. Hundreds of people sign up and acceptance is heard a couple of months later by mail. A belt buckle is the prize at the end of a very long, high altitude, race. You have to finish under 12 hours to win this buckle. Now, one would think that 12 hours is plenty of time to finish a mountain bike race. I made it within 2 minutes. Yea, too close for comfort! It took me two years to forget the pain that I experienced with this race. I have never cried at the end of a race and believe me, I've had my share of long, painful events. I cried like a baby after I crossed the finish line as my husband and friends were anxiously awaiting. This year the pain is still a memory but a distance one. I decided to give it a try and apply for an entry by lottery along with my new teammate Amy. I couldn't believe it when I heard that both of us received entry!! Its exciting but scary. There is no cheating the training and dedication that this race demands. So, please cold weather go away!!!! I need to get outside now and train.

Friday, February 5, 2010

...and then Kym hijacked Star's blog.

Hi everyone, Kym here. I am hijacking Star's blog for just a minute to brag on her incredible cyclocross season. Not only has she gotten really REALLY good at cross, She won the TN state chempion title AND the GA state race (although she could not get the GA jersey because she was not a resident). I know she says she's an endurance racer, but she ROCKED at cross this year and is going to be even better this fall racing as a Cat. 3.

Congrats Star, we are so PROUD OF YOU!!!!!


Your Team

Monday, February 1, 2010

Oh yea, I forgot to mention how incredible Trek has been to our team , Vantaggio/Trek. The new cyclocross bike rocks. I love it!!!!

Cyclocross Season

Wow, everything I've been working on all winter is finally over. I really got hooked on cyclocross this season. I did a few races last year but never really accomplished anything. Its taken me two years to break free from the long, endurance adventure racing mentality. I've done two Primal Quest and many more multiple day races. I used to think that an eight hour race was just not worth my time. Since I was lucky enough to be asked on an elite ladies mountain bike team I had to turn off that long, slow side of my brain. It has not been easy at all. I've been on the podium several times in different sports but never have I brought home the gold. Well, this year I've won six cyclocross cat. 4 races. The other two I've placed third. I'm sad its over for the season because I was just getting started. I did my last cat. 4 race yesterday which was the Tenn. State Championship. Now I have to race with the big girls. Yikes, thats exciting but scary at the same time.