Monday, February 1, 2010

Cyclocross Season

Wow, everything I've been working on all winter is finally over. I really got hooked on cyclocross this season. I did a few races last year but never really accomplished anything. Its taken me two years to break free from the long, endurance adventure racing mentality. I've done two Primal Quest and many more multiple day races. I used to think that an eight hour race was just not worth my time. Since I was lucky enough to be asked on an elite ladies mountain bike team I had to turn off that long, slow side of my brain. It has not been easy at all. I've been on the podium several times in different sports but never have I brought home the gold. Well, this year I've won six cyclocross cat. 4 races. The other two I've placed third. I'm sad its over for the season because I was just getting started. I did my last cat. 4 race yesterday which was the Tenn. State Championship. Now I have to race with the big girls. Yikes, thats exciting but scary at the same time.

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  1. Great job this season Star!! You have really stepped up your game and it will be fun to watch you tear it up next season.